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2016:   Kim or Ashley Cooper: 67 Breanna Way, Chatsworth GA 30705..... Check 1053 written on closed account.  Send several invoices which were all ignored.   OWES THE COMPANY $130.00 for senior session and returned check fee.

2017:  Shasta Campbell  762-209-6681   Booked a Santa Summer session, did not answer numerous confirmation requests.

2017:  Jennifer Norton 706-581-9276   Booked a Santa Summer session, no show

2017:  Summer Moore: 470-281-7624  Booked a 1 year old session for mid August, moved it to September 9, was sent a text reminder as well as two     Facebook reminders, all of which were ignored (Facebook shows they were read shortly after being sent)  Had new pictures of child already posted on Facebook.