Scott Kuhn....Photographer

Scott Kuhn Photography began in September of 2012 under the name 'AGS Pics', at a local festival where we set up a photo booth offering instant prints featuring a kid and family friendly autumn scene.   This humble beginning led to a few family and children's sessions and, as more people became familiar with his work, his business steadily increased.  That same year he requested permission to be on the Murray County High School Football Field where, for the next three years, he continuously improved his abilities in photographing sports action shots.  Much of his work on the field during this time was donated to both the High School for use in their yearbook as well as to the Chatsworth Times for use in their Sports column.  During the 2015/2016 school year Scott served as the comprehensive photographer of North Murray High School Athletics.  

Today he continues with many of the photography services at NMHS, remains a familiar presence at Murray County, Gladden and Bagley sporting events and continues as a frequent contributor of both sports and community event  photography to the Chatsworth Times.  Recent noteworthy activities include serving as the photographer of the Lisa and Paul Allen wedding, who's ceremony will be featured on the March 4 season premier of the popular television show 'Say Yes to the Dress'.  One of Scott's images was also selected to be on a T-shirt for 'The Wall that Heals', which is a travelling replica of the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC.  Having a great respect for and interest in the armed services, Scott was honored to donate rights to use the image.  The t-shirts featuring the image will be available for purchase both at the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC  beginning in May 2017, and will be available at each of the multiple stops the travelling wall will make throughout 2017.   His photography is also currently being used as a cover shot for the Chatsworth Water Works website and a few of his shots have been used as the featured cover photo on the Facebook page 'EarthSky' (with 1.2 million 'likes') on several occasions.

Scott's continuous improvement in his abilities is due to the fact that he considers photography a hobby first, where he's always studying and practicing new techniques. If you see him out and about, you will usually find him with a camera in his hand, where he will often invite you to pose for a quick 'selfie' or goofy photo which will probably end up on your Facebook page (consider yourself warned :) ).

As much time as he devotes to photography, many are amazed to learn that it is simply something he does on the side.  As a Telecom Engineer, he currently works as a Distributed Computing Consultant, holding a more than full time position.  In June of 2017, he will celebrate his 21st year with the company.

To follow Scott and his family through photography and other adventures, visit the family blog

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