SCOTT KUHN PHOTOGRAPHY: Blog en-us (C) SCOTT KUHN PHOTOGRAPHY (SCOTT KUHN PHOTOGRAPHY) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:29:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:29:00 GMT SCOTT KUHN PHOTOGRAPHY: Blog 120 96 Getting Ready for the Fair! We are only one short day away from the fair and super excited!  After a lot of time and research, we think we came up with enough props to create an attractive fall display that will satisfy most.  But we have to admit that the session that excited us the most was the one we set up just with infants in mind.  The only problem was, we didn't have an infant to try it out on! After making some rather ridiculous looking test shots with one of us holding up one of Hayleigh's old baby dolls (which we refuse to post on the site, lol!) We decided that a real baby was in order.  The only problem was, we didn't know anyone who had a baby of the right age!  We actually had to advertise to get someone with an adorable baby to come in for us.   

Luckily, we had several volunteers ready and willing to do so.  So the problem of having a 'baby model' was solved.  Unfortunately, all the volunteers created a new problem, which adorable baby would we choose?

The process of choosing was not easy, but in the end, we were exceptionally pleased with our little model!  He was a very good baby who easily smiled for his daddy, who willingly stood next to the camera and did what he had to do for those adorable grins.  

I'm sure this photo will draw a young mother or two to our booth this weekend.  What do you think? :)


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Almost a Month Later Hi again!  If you are just visiting the blog you will see that my first post is dated August 28 but shows having been loaded on September 19!  That's because I seem to have forgotten to hit that important little button called 'publish'. :) Oh well, that just goes to show that we are still in the learning process of how things work here on the site.   To be quite honest, it just hasn't gotten it's fair share of our attention but now that we have some other things settled, I hope to be able to get on here more often to tweak the prices, create appealing packages, and work to create an overall more eye-catching, informative and customer friendly site.

If you currently have a son or daughter on a football or soccer team at the recreation department and your coach has not yet selected a team photographer, we would appreciate it if you would ask them to consider AGS Pics.  To show our appreciation for your referral, we will gift you with 2 free 5X7's of your child made on team photo day.  Simply ask your coach to give us a call at 706-517-5970 to schedule an appointment and ask him/her to name you as a referral.

Right now we do not have a studio, but we do have the capability of setting up a studio in almost any location for group photos.  So if you attend a church, have a child in daycare, or know of another group who might be interested in photos, please give us a call.  We already have a beautiful fall scene and will be offering Christmas photos as well beginning November 3.

If you would like to experience what a photo session with us is like for yourself, please come to visit us at the Eton 'Spooktober' Festival on the last weekend of this month. There you will have the opportunity to receive 2 4X6 prints of you and/or your loved ones in a beautiful autumn scene for only $5.00.

If you haven't already done so, please 'Like' our Facebook page, AGS PICS.  Everyone who likes our page before October 16 will have his or her name placed in a drawing to win $25.00 'Livenation' Concert cash.  We hope this will be the first of many promotions that we will be able to offer in the coming months.

Well, that's it for now.  Be sure to leave feedback for us....what you love, what you hate either one, we appreciate!


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August 28, 2012 Hello!  Today is August 28 and we are about one week into our serious dive in getting a photography business started.  Over the weekend we ordered promotional supplies and got our website secure.  Plans are underway to set up a booth at the Eton Country Fair next month here in Eton Ga.  One would not think that there would be so much work involved in making preperations just to introduce a new business, but it has been a lot of fun and has certainly aided in our excitement to get things up and running!

Our website is still in it's infancy stage as well.  A large portion of our time the last two days has just been learning the ins and outs of the site.  For all of the effort we have put in we have two rather generic looking pages so far, but I suppose it's like learning to train for a job, once we learn how to type, drag and click our way through it will be a breeze!

We welcome all of our friends and future clients to our website and invite you to 'Like' us on facebook as well.  Hope to see you at the fair!

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