As a courtesy, Scott Kuhn Photography extends to those who purchase our photo packages and products the opportunity to select the photo they'd like us to use for order fulfillment. We allow for the selection of up to two different photos for placement in the same package.  If additional poses are desired, client may purchase the digital download option or additional prints from the 'singles' menu on our order form to fulfill additional pose requests.

Selection invitations are not automatic and must always be requested by the client.


In order to receive a selection invitation, clients must:

1.  Check the appropriate box on the order form indicating that they would like to receive a photo preview for the purpose of selection, OR  (in situations where electronic payments are submitted without an order form) include the request in the notes section of any electronic payment method that is submitted.


2.  Include a correct phone number to which the link can be texted. 


We do not maintain a client contact database, therefore clients are required to submit a text number EACH TIME they would like to receive a photo preview. For example:  If a player plays football in the fall and baseball in the spring, both the football and baseball order forms must include the phone number.

Once photos are available for preview, clients will receive a text from phone number 470-795-1316 with the link to the photographs along with selection instructions.  

In situations in which no request was made and/or no text number provided, Scott Kuhn Photography will make the photo selection on behalf of the client.

We will be unable to offer free print/package replacements in situations in which client error or inaction resulted in a photo selection they are not happy with.  These situations include:

1.  Client provided incorrect or illegible contact information on the order form or in electronic payment notes.

2.  Client failed to provide a text number on the order form or under their electronic payment notes, resulting in our inability to send a text.

3.  Client failed to indicate on the order form or on the notes attached to their electronic payment that they wished to select the photo.

4.  Client sent information on their photo selection choices anywhere other than back to text number 470-795-1316

5.  Client is not happy with the cropping, but failed to notify SKP of any cropping preferences. (Note:  We look for things like dirty pants and color clashing shoes and will sometimes crop prints to eliminate certain aspects IF we feel it will provide a better look.  Client must specify if they DO NOT want cropping to be considered).

6.  Client received photo invitation but did not respond with a photo number prior to the deadline indicated in the selection invitation text.

7.  Client replies with a photo number that was not tied to the photo they wished to receive.

In these situations, client who wish to replace the products must submit new payment for reprints.


In other situations in which Scott Kuhn Photography does agree to a no-charge replacment of products, all  photos/plaques, buttons, etc., client must be ready to swap out existing items for the replacements.  New items will no longer be left with coaches, at school desks, etc unless other items are ready for pickup. 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 706-971-4725