Sports Action Shots

Scott Kuhn Photography provides photography services to The Chatsworth Times for Murray County High School Indians Football.  We usually snap between 150-200 shots at each game and make those shots available on our website for purchase.


Action shots are also taken of football, soccer, wrestling and other sports teams at any area school who have selected Scott Kuhn Photography as the official photographer of their individual and team photo sessions.  Action shots of at least two games are offered as a thank you to the team using our service.


If your team is not using Scott Kuhn Photography for your official photos and you would like action shots of a game, the price is $50.00 per game and must be paid in advance.  In return, you will receive $50.00 worth of gift certificates that can be used to purchase prints from our online store.


Our attractively priced Action Shots Bundle is a great choice for in game photos.   You get 10 prints of your choice for only $20.00.


To purchase this package, simply go to the gallery of the sports pictures you are interested in, click on any one photograph that you like, then click the 'buy' button.  After you have clicked on the buy button, you will see a price list at the bottom of the page.  Select the package entitled 'Sports Action Shots' at the top of the price list and add it to your cart.

Once you have added it to the cart you will then have the option of selecting all of the photos that you would like to go in that package.  The process is very user friendly!