Thank you for responding. We're glad you are interested in being featured as a senior of the week. Please read ALL of the information below!


All seniors are featured on the Sports Page.  Although your activity may not be considered a sport, what you contribute during sports events is vital to the atmosphere and spirit of the game and for this reason, we feel you deserve the same recognition as the players themselves.

To complete an article about you,we have listed several 'interview' questions below.  Please copy/paste them into a word document, provide your answer below each question and email your completed interview along with a photograph (any clear, personal photo that was not taken by a paid or professional photographer unless it was Scott)  to [email protected].  If a question on the list does not apply to you, please respond with 'n/a'.

Please note that the Chatsworth Times requires articles from us that are at least 500 words in length.  If we do not have enough information to build an article of this length, we will not be able to feature you, so please remember that too much information is better than too little.   Therefore when answering questions thoroughness will really help us!  For example, if we ask 'At what age did you start doing this?'  instead of simply giving an answer such as 'four', consider a longer answer.  Example 'I began lessons when I was four, but before that, my mom was teaching me how to do it."

If this invitation has been extended to you, there is a very good chance you will be in the paper but for clairity purposes we do have to note that it is not guaranteed.   

Seniors are typically featured during their 'season'.   Therefore, if your are most active in this activity in January, but we receive your information in September, we will hold onto your info and feature it in January when you are actively involved.




1.  What school do you attend?

2.  What activity do you participate in?

3.  When did you first become involved in this activity (both when you began learning and what year of HS you began participating)?

4.  What position do you hold?

5.  Have you earned any awards or recognitions for this?  If so, please describe.

6. Are you a captain or other type of team leader?

7.  Is there anyone in your family or anyone famous, present or past, that you look up to or that inspired you to want to do this activity?

8.  Do you have a favorite pro performer in this activity?

9.  Who taught you how to do this activity?


10.  Do you plan to attend college?  If no, what comes next?

11. What college(s) do you hope to attend?

12. Do you hope to continue doing this at a collegiate level?

13.  Have you/do you hope to receive a scholarship for this activity?

14.  What are you going to major and minor in?

15.  What career do you hope to someday have?

16.  Would you like to remain in Murray County or live elsewhere?  If elsewhere, elaborate.

17.  Any special goals for the future?

18.  Would you like to teach this activity someday?


19.  Who are your parents and your siblings (names please)?

20.  Did/do any of your family members also participate in this activity?

21.  What are your hobbies?

22.  What is something else, if anything, that you would like readers to know about you?

23.  Do you have a favorite quote or a motto?  If so what is it?

24.  Who is your role model and why?


If you have any questions, please email [email protected].  Thank you again for your interest in being a player of the week!