Thank you for visiting Scott Kuhn Photography. We've come a long way in our five years, from a humble beginning where we offered a simple photo booth at area festivals to the comprehensive services we now offer which includes wedding services, family sessions, holiday photos, sports action shots, prom and formal photos, engagement sessions, drone service and more.  (And yes, we still operate that photo booth!) 

While the quality of product we're now able to offer has improved, thanks to continued experience and inventory additions necessary to produce professional portraits, one thing we're proud remains the same is our customer service.  We strive to remain humble and provide each customer who honors us with a service request the same quality, courteousness and friendly service as the next. 

Many compliment Scott on the quality of his portraits, yet he is never satisfied. New techniques and strategies are constantly explored so that the quality of the portraits he puts out tomorrow will be better than what he put out today.


In our few years in business, we've discovered a rather peculiar truth:  people often associate price with quality, assuming that the more that is paid for a service, the better the product.  In many cases, that is true, but for anyone who asks for our prices and comes to the conclusion that our quality may be lacking, we invite you to request a photo sample and place it alongside a portrait provided by a more expensive photographer.  We feel that you will be pleasantly surprised to see that the quality is comparable to photographers who charge much more.   This is because we attempt to cut expenses whenever necessary, choosing to steer the majority of our business investments in equipment and quality items that will give our customers an excellent end product while being more economical in areas such as our studio, where we know a fancy lobby and unique décor are nice, but have no end effect on the quality of products you receive.


Thank you for visiting Scott Kuhn Photography and considering us for your present or future portrait needs. We welcome and look forward to the opportunity of working with you!

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