The following themes will be implemented during our 2023/2024 SENIOR BOOMERANG SESSIONS!


AUGUST:  SUMMER/BEACH.  Local beachside photos. 

SEPTEMBER: FOREST AND BYWAY:  Lots of greenery with rows of perfectly lined, shady trees. We’ll have a rustic fence and a quaint, closed road available for photos as well. 

OCTOBER:  HARVEST:  Pumpkins? Hay? Scarecrows? Tractors? Cornstalks? We’re not yet sure of the exact details, but it WILL be Harvest themed!

NOVEMBER: IT’S FALL Y’ALL.  (Early in the month): This will be Fall color /creeks.

DECEMBER: CHRISTMAS or WINTER FOREST.  We’ll incorporate a Christmas theme.  Those who do not want Christmas will be offered a winter forest.

JANUARY:  SNOW OR VALLEY VIEWS:  We’ll cross our fingers for a snow day but if we get near the end of the month and it doesn’t happen, we’ll go to a great overlook with mountain/lake views.

FEBRUARY: SNOW OR TRAINS:  Snow again takes priority but in the event of no snow or a successful January snow day, we’ll use a caboose/tracks (not an active railway).

MARCH:  SNOW OR CITY VIBE:  Last chance for snow or we’ll head to Dalton or Chattanooga for some urban shots.

APRIL:  SPORTS OR SPRING FARM:  Murray or North Murray Seniors who participated in any outdoor sports....this is your month to get a few pro shots on your field.  For seniors who did not participate in sports,  we’ll head to a farm for some barn, buttercup, and mountain background shots.

MAY: CAP AND GOWN CAMPUS OR VENUE:  It’s cap/gown photos!  North Murray and Murray seniors will have the opportunity  to have cap/gown photos around their respective campuses.  Those who don’t attend these schools or prefer a place away from school will join us at a venue where we will utilize all the picturesque points!