When it comes to educating, those with real-life experience make the best teachers.   For Murray County Indians Dance Team member and future dance instructor Camilyn Humble, her thirteen years of experience will no doubt spell success when she eventually owns her own dance studio.


“Dance let’s me express my feelings without using words.”  Camilyn explained when asked what attracted her to the sport. “My fondest memories will always be the dance competitions.  I’ll never forget how we made Ms. Heather cry and say how proud she was of us every time we came off the stage.”


While college is in her plans, Camilyn has yet to decide which hat she will wear.  “My goal is to earn an associate degree in business and work in the business field before eventually moving on to my own dance studio.”  Camilyn explains.  “My experience in dance has given me the opportunity to be on the MCHS dance team as well as to work at two studios.”


When it comes to influence in the craft, this one-time varsity letter-earner cites Heather Hardin-Engleman, owner of Stars of Grace Performance Academy as her teacher and Kaycee Rice, a famous dancer appearing on social media who was a season two ‘World of Dance’ competitor, as her inspiration.


When asked about her fondest memory as a member of the Murray County High School Dance Team, Camilyn recalls a Christmas Party.  “It was a party for foster children.”  Camilyn recalls.  “We ate lunch with the kids, made Christmas cookies, sat with Santa and got presents from Santa.  It was a good time.”


Camilyn’s fondest memories will, no doubt, include the support and love her family, consisting of dad Michael, mom Holly and brothers Tucker and Nate, has given her through her many years of dance.  “My family have always been there when I‘ve had games, recitals and competitions.” She recalls fondly.


With her many years of experience, love of the craft, and support of her family, there’s no doubt that Camilyn has a bright future in dance ahead of her.