Conversion Services

Scott Kuhn Photography now offers VHS Conversions and Photo Slide Conversions. 


VHS Conversions

First VHS:   $29.99

Each Additional VHS in Same Order:  $22.99

Bundle Deal.....Five VHS in the Same Order:  $110.00

We currenly offer conversion of full size VHS tapes only.  However if you own the adapter for smaller tapes and can include it when submitting said tapes, we can convert those as well

Options for receiving your video are flashdrive or Youtube download (easier to share with loved ones).  If you request that both flashdrive and Youtube download is provided, there is a $10.00 per tape charge.


DVDs:   We currenly DO NOT offer DVD service as DVD requests are infrequent due to the fact that they are becoming obsolete and damage easily.   However if you have a strong desire for DVD service, let us know and, if we receive enough requests, we may invest in the equipment to offer this in the future.

Important Notes for VHS Conversions:

1.   All original VHS will be returned to you.

2.  Full payment for service is required up front.  We have a refund policy for instances in which we find we cannot, for various reasons, convert the VHS.



Photo Slide Conversions

25 Cents Per Slide

There is a $25.00 minimum for each order.

All photos are loaded onto a flashdrive.

Service is for conversion only.  No color enchancements or other photo corrections are included.  However if you should ultimately want a photo corrected, that service is also available for an additional charge.

Slides will be returned along with the flashdrive.



For more information or to schedule services, please send a message to [email protected] or call 706-971-4725.  If call goes unanswered, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can.