Scott Kuhn Photography Conversion Services


VHS Conversions

First VHS:   $30.00

Each Additional VHS in Same Order:  $25.00

Bundle Deal.....Five VHS in the Same Order:  $120.00

We currently offer conversion of full size VHS tapes only.  However if you own the adapter for smaller tapes and can include it when submitting said tapes, we can convert those as well.

DVDs:   We currently do not have the necessary equipment to provide DVD conversions.   However please let us know if this is something you have an interest in so we can make equipment investing decisions.


Important Notes for VHS Conversions:

1.   All original VHS tapes will be returned to you along with your new flashdrive.

2.  Due to the age of VHS tapes, they have a high risk of damage. When submitting them for conversion services, there is a chance that the tape could inadvertently become broken, wrinkled or even erased. You will be ask to sign a document confirming your understanding of the risk prior to having the work performed.



Photo Slide Conversions

Upload to Flashdrive only: 50 Cents Per Slide

Photo Printing:  50 Cents upload fee per slide, plus print cost (starts at $6.00).

There is a $30.00 minimum for each order.


Upload charges are for the upload only.  If color enhancements or other photo corrections are desired, please add $1.00 per slide for this service.

Slides will be returned along with the flashdrive.



For more information or to schedule services, please send a message to [email protected] or call 706-971-4725. 

Due to the time investments of conversion services, full payment is required at the time the order is placed.