Scott Kuhn Photography's Location Recommendations

(This page is currently under construction.  Please ask for more information, as needed, if it has not yet been added.)

Scott Kuhn Photography will travel to a location of your preference.  We have performed services at many private areas, residents, churches and more.  However if you don't have the perfect location in mind and need assistance choosing one, we've listed several areas below for your review.


 Scott Kuhn Photography (Near Eton)

If you think you might like a forest setting or a charming creek without all the hustle and bustle of the Holly Creek area, we have a quiet alternative that will fill the bill.  We also set up small sets inside our home for headshots and seasonal photos.  Future plans include on site construction of a fully operational studio and a 'prop cove' where several permanent outdoor scenes will be available year round.  These special projects have a 2023 completion goal.



   Foothills Farm (Near Eton)

Foothills farm is a private, working farm that has been in our extended family since 1954.  It has unparalleled views of both Fort Mountain and Grassy Mountain, two rustic barns, farm equipment suitable for posing, hay bales and a sizeable pond.  In the spring, buttercups fill the fields that makes for beautiful spring photos.  The first weekend of November is an excellent time for a visit if you want to see fall color.  If the weather during your session calls for scattered showers, there's a fair chance a rainbow may make an's happened more than once during our sessions!   As photographers, SKP has exclusive access to this farm.


  Holly Creek (Near Eton)

If you want a clean, secluded creek with large rocks,  Holly Creek can't be beat.  Patrons who select this location can receive not only photos on the water, but also on the winding dirt road through the woods that make for pretty photos.   If you want to incorporate fishing gear or kayaking in your photos, it's a great location to capture these as well.   Holly Creek also bursts with color during the first weekend of November.  




If trains, bridges or tunnels strike your fancy, Eton can fill the bill.  On the north end of town there is a small tunnel covered with graffiti, making for a colorful urban background.  In Eton, a set of tracks veer off of the main line, where a train car sometimes sits.  This offers a safe alternative to active train track photos and eliminates the risk and worry of dealing with train traffic.  Other attractions include a rusty bridge, the old town well, and a brick building near the town well that can offer a nice background.   


Carter's Lake (South Murray County)

Many of our photos at Carter's lake center around the regulation dam and the old (but active) train bridge.   At the tracks, the bridge makes for a nice, long distance backdrop.  Under the bridge, a nice overhead view of the train bridge can be captured.   The nearby Conasauga River also makes for pretty photos.   Travel to the bottom of the big dam, and there's a nice area for those wanting to incorporate water scenery.  If you want to have photos made of you in your boat, on jet skis, or simply wading out into the water, Carter's will fit the bill.


Fort Mountain State Park


PARKING FEE REQUIRED.  ADD $5.00 PHOTOGRAPHER PARKING FEE TO SESSION TOTAL. Fort Mountain State Park offers lakes, forests and fantastic overlooks.  Travel here during the first weekend of November and you'll have a fall photo session in which the color can't be beat.   Don't mind a dark walk through the woods to get back to your car?  Pack a flashlight and plan for a session at the overlook that has been described as the best sunset viewing spot among Georgia State Parks.


The Creme Hut

The Creme Hut, on the south end of Chatsworth, is a terrific burger joint that is housed in a former service station.  The location has vintage pumps and a vintage '50''s vibe inside the restaurant.  It's the perfect location if you have an old car you would like to incorporate into the shoot or would just like a vintage vibe to your session.   If you've never been, have a burger and shake after your session.  We guarantee you will not be disappointed!


 Downtown Dalton (Dalton, GA)



If you are interested in a more urban look, downtown Dalton has many nooks and crannies that make for ideal photos....from under bridges, to near the tracks to the old depot to backstreet alleys.  


  Barnes Creek Falls (Holly Creek Area)

If a pretty waterfall or fairytale forest setting is what you're after, the Barnes Creek Falls is the place to go.  Plan extra time for this session....we'll meet on CCC Camp Rd where pavement gives way to dirt, then you can follow us there.  Plan approx. 20 minutes for the drive to the falls.   ROAD LEADING TO THE FALLS IS CLOSED FROM JANUARY THROUGH MARCH.


  Berry College (Rome, GA)

EXTENDED AREA:  If you're up for a drive let's head down to Rome and Berry College.  There are endless possibilities for photos at this location.  From a road featuring perfect rows of trees on either side to a woodsy area with an old waterwheel mill, to dormitories that could easily pass for a fairytale castle and more.  


   Downtown Chattanooga

EXTENDED AREA:  Downtown Chattanooga has a wide array of areas to capture perfect pictures!  The Walnut Street Bridge, the Hunter Museum of Art, and the Carousel at Coolidge Park just begins to touch on the areas that can be incorporated.  Park at the Hunter Museum to avoid downtown parking fees. 


Dennis Mill (Near Carter's Lake)

PERMISSION NEEDED.  Dennis Mill is a historic structure located on private property.  Several areas of this property make for a good background;  the mill, the winding creek, a path through the woods and the small barn where a vintage tractor is parked.   Because a private nightly rental cabin is located on the opposite side of the creek, the owners have asked that a few rules be respected, including not crossing the creek, keeping noise to a minimum and limiting the number of vehicles to as few as possible so as not to block renters from entering/leaving their cabin.


 Cohutta Springs Conference Center (Crandall)


PERMISSION NEEDED:  Cohutta Springs is a private resort/ seasonal hotel that is owned by  the Seventh-Day Adventists.  They do ask that those who enter conduct themselves in a respectful manner. It has a lake, a creek, a gazebo, cabins and fenced pastures with horses.   


  The Old Abandoned Building at the Hospital (Dalton)

This building is completely gutted and only the brick exterior walls remain.  The inside has several different colored walls, doors and window openings as well as windows containing full or broken glass that make for nice urban style portraits. Please note that the interior has areas of broken glass on the floor.  Because of this, sandals and flip flops are discouraged and children should be closely supervised.


Red Clay (Near Cohutta)

Photo Coming Soon!

Red clay is located next to Cohutta just across the state line.  It has lots of open fields and wooded areas, an authentic 'blue hole', a creek, a walking bridge and several old structures such as a barn, a house and a cabin.

Prater's Mill (near Varnell)

Photo Coming Soon!

Prater's Mill is a historic site where annual festivals are held.  It features a creek with a nice waterfall, wooded areas and historic structures.  Cross under the bridge to the other side of the road and there is a caboose, an open field and a barn where a tractor is usually parked.



Tunnel Hill Heritage Center

Photo Coming Soon!

The Tunnel Hill Heritage Center features a historic house of which the surrounding grounds make pretty backdrops.  The house itself is a brick house with columns and large porches on the back.  The grounds consist of open fields, wood fencing and barns displaying barn tools outside the door.  Nearby is another building that reminds one of an old country store, and there is a rustic caboose.  A covered bridge also makes for some pretty photos.   There is a historic train tunnel here, but it is only open on occasion and a fee would be required to access it for photos.


Downtown Chatsworth

Photo Coming Soon!

The Wright Hotel, the train depot, Chatsworth Park, back streets and small alleys....if you're from Murray County then we're sure you're all too familiar with the background possibilities for a downtown Chatsworth photo shoot!



Crown Garden Archives and Apartments (Dalton, GA)


As the name indicates, this is a good location for those who might want a 'garden' feel for their photographs.  Building ruins and a small pond on property make for good photos, and there are lots of blooming flowers in front of the house during the spring.  Walk over to the apartments that are housed in the former Crown Cotton Mills and there are some pretty walkways that make for good backdrops.  Keep in mind that if the apartments become part of the session, we should be respectful of the residents there by keeping noise to a minimum.