Need To Schedule A Makeup Session?



We understand that in rare occasions, a player may have to miss photo day.  We do not schedule makeup sessions for teams as we work directly with the coaches to plan and make ourselves available when the majority of the players will be available for the session. However a parent who's player must be absent that day may request a makeup session if they choose to do so.  Here are the terms:


1.  YOUR CHILD IN THE TEAM PHOTO:  If you wish for your absent child to appear in the team photo, PRIOR TO PHOTO DAY,  send an email to us at [email protected] stating that your child will be absent, but that you will be planning a makeup session.  When we have this information ahead of time, we can position the team with any empty spot to later insert your player.  If this step is not taken, we can still place your player, but they will typically be at the side and the team will appear uneven. NOTE THAT A $10.00 CREATION FEE is required to add an absent player to a team photo.

2. MAKEUPS MUST BE SCHEDULED WITHIN 1 WEEK OF PHOTO DAY  If you wish for your child to be included in the team pictures other parents may order, you must schedule your makeup within 7 days of the original photo day.  Failure to do so will result in a team photo, without your child, being made available for purchase by other parents as we cannot wait extended amounts of time to release the album for viewing/purchase.  After the cutoff date, we can still create a team photo with your child just for you, but at that time other parents will have had the opportunity to go ahead and order their  team prints.

3. YOU MUST COME IN DURING ANOTHER TEAM'S SESSION, OR, PAY A SITTING FEE:  If you can bring your child in during another team's session, there will be no sitting fee as we will have already travelled and set up lights, etc.  However if your schedule means that a special setup will have to be made just for your player it will require a $100.00 setup fee.  Once paid this amount will be applied as a credit at our online store which you may use  to purchase prints and other products. The credit will either be the full $100.00 (if no team insertion/creation fee is required, per term #1) or $90.00 if your child will be inserted into the team photo.

If you have any questions, or wish to schedule a makeup session, please send an email to [email protected] to get things started!