Selecting Multiple Photos for a Package

We welcome requests that include up to two different poses in a single package.  An example of a clear and informative request can be found in the 'request submission example', listed below.  Having all of the information up front in a clear and concise manner is much appreciated and will result in a faster turnaround time.


PLEASE familiarize yourself with the components of the package your ordered.  You will likely have an assortment which may include 8x10's 5x7's, Wallets and Buttons.  If you need a reminder, please email us and we will provide the information as it is listed on your order form.

When you're ready to compose your email to advise us of your preference/selection request, be sure to let us know which photo you want printed for each size in your package. 



If you ordered a package that contains an 8x10, 6 wallets and 2 buttons......

And if you prefer that photos #8 and #12 are included in this package.....

Your request is going to look something like this:  "Please use photo #8 for my 8x10 and my wallets, and use photo #12 for my buttons".   

This simple answer tells us exactly which photos you want and how you want them to be printed!



If you have any questions, please contact us.