What better way make your favorite player feel like a true MVP than with items that will showcase how awesome they really are!  At SKP we have products to celebrate every MVP...whether they toss a ball, play the flute, cast a fishing line or belt out tunes in the Spring musical.

All items are currently offered individually.  MVP packages are also being planned and will be available soon. Team discounts (8 or more of the same product) available.

Only photos taken by a member of the SKP staff may be used for portraits appearing on our MVP products.  No existing photos?  We will be glad to schedule a mini session in order to capture the images. 

Full prices shown below.  All taxes are built into the price and no shipping charges for items distributed locally or to teams that have hired us for team portraits.


Individual Items

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Full Size 11' Footballs

2 Panel:  $70.00

1 Panel:  $60.00

Mini 9' Footballs

2 Panel:  $55.00

1 Panel $45.00

Each football comes with a display tee.



Full Size 11' Basketballs

4 Panel:  $80.00

2 Panel:  $70.00

Mini 5.75' Basketball

4 Panel:  $55.00

2 Panel $45.00

Each basketball comes with a display base.

Soccer Balls


Full Size 5 Soccer Balls

2 Panel:  $70.00

1 Panel:  $60.00

Mini Size 3 Soccer Ball

2 Panel:  $55.00

1 Panel $45.00

Each soccer ball comes with a display base.




Full Size 8' Volleyballs

2 Panel:  $70.00

1 Panel:  $60.00

Each volleyball comes with a display base.


Cheer Megaphone


19' Megaphone



Golf Balls


Set of Three Generic Golf Balls






Full Size Baseball 2.86"

2 Panel:  $40.00 (Covers entire surface of ball)

Full Size Softball 3.5"

2 Panel:  $40.00 (Covers entire surface of ball)

Both baseballs and softballs include a display case.


Other MVP Products


16 Oz. Travel Mugs

(preview coming soon, video available at our facebook page)


Single Mug:  $15.00

Set of Two Mugs:  $25.00

Mugs are customized with player photo/name/team etc.


16x20 Sports Canvas Prints

(Preview Coming Soon!)


LED Lamps

(Preview Coming Soon)

There are a lot of MVPs out there who don't toss balls.  Many of them do things such as play band instruments, belt out songs in chorus or onstage,  proudly show off prized animals at FFA competitions or even reel in fish as part of the fishing team.  They deserve recognition too, and these LED Lamps are the perfect way to offer that recognition!  We can customize tem with their name and year and something that represents what they do (fishing pole, comedy/drama masks, musical instruments, etc.)  Note that portraits typically don't do that great on LED Lamps, so let's create something together that represents them without a portrait.




Button Price $10.00 each

Full 3.5 inch button....larger than the competition!

Shipping options available starting at $4.00



Plaques are $40.00 Each

Shipping option available starting at $12.00


Only photos taken by a member of the Scott Kuhn Photography team may be used in our MVP products.   When team photos are being planned, ask your coach to use Scott Kuhn Photography to have access to this amazing merchandise, or, schedule an individual session with us to get the photos you need for these custom orders!



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