Thank you for booking a photo session with Scott Kuhn Photography.  We look forward to working with you very soon!

We are one of the few remaining preferred photographers in the area that is willing to book on-location sessions without requiring an up-front deposit. As a new customer we want you to be aware of our reminder/cancellation/no show policy as well as offer some tips to make sure you have an awesome session. Please read the following information and let us know if you should have any questions.



On the day before your scheduled session, a text will be sent to the number you provided to remind you of your appointment.   When that text is received, please reply 'confirm' to keep the appointment or 'cancel' if you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment.  If we are within 12 hours of your appointment and have not receive a response, we will assume you wish to cancel and we will not be there for your appointment. Your reserved appointment time will then be opened to last minute requests from other clients. 



We prefer that you give us the courtesy of at least 48 hours if you wish to cancel an appointment.  However, you may cancel up to 12 hours prior to the session without recourse.

If you successfully cancel a session within the allotted time, we are happy to reschedule your session.

If you cancel a session within 12 hours of your appointment, a $25.00 rescheduling fee will be added to your session fee if/when you reschedule. 

If you confirm a session and are ultimately a 'no show', you will be required to pay the entire cost of your session, as well as an additional $50.00 'no show' fee, in advance if you ever wish to book with us again. 

We do not like to impose fees and we understand things happen:  kids get sick, work puts you down for an unexpected shift, etc., but do take a quick moment to send that text!  It will keep us from compromising our time, save you considerable expense on a future booking and will allow you to retain your booking privileges.


'Private Property'

As photographers, we have been granted unlimited access to many areas of private property.  To respect the kind owners who have graciously opened their properties to us, we will only provide the street name (not the number) for such locations until we receive a confirmation from you in response to the 24 hour reminder.  This is simply an extra step we take to protect the property on behalf of the private owners, as unfortunately there are individuals who will feign interest in a photo session simply to gain unauthorized information about the location/buildings/items seen in previous samples.   Thank you for your understanding.



We have photographed many young children over the years.  From our experience, children who arrive well rested, fed and who receive the promise of a treat following a session do the best.   (We have never in our 6 years of photography seen a situation where a sleeping child was pulled from the car and was able to offer a convincing smile for the camera until at least 15-20 minutes had passed). To keep part of your session from being compromised, be sure your appointment does not correspond with typical nap times and offer young children a small snack on the way to the shoot.  We'll take care of the treat!



Pets who are not presently aggressive or who have not shown aggression in the past are welcome to be part of sessions.  Pet owners are expected to retain complete control of their pets at all times during the session and to keep them away from all photography equipment.