Welcome to Online Ordering!

To better serve our clients, we have implemented a change.  We have now added our marching bands and sports teams packages to our online product menu.  As a result, those with an interest in ordering team packages and products will now be directed to our website to place an online order.


1.  IT EXPEDITES YOUR TURNAROUND TIME:  Instead of waiting days or weeks for your photos while we first wait for photo selections,  then complete orders for the entire team, your online order means your products come directly to you in the mail...often in as little as 1-2 days following order placement.

2. LESS CHANCE FOR ERROR:  Photos missing from your order?   Find another team member's photos in your package?  These issues become eradicated when you order online and receive your items by mail.

3.  ALLOWS FOR PICKING YOUR PHOTO WITHOUT INVOLVING US!:  No more sending emails to notify us which photo you prefer for your package.  Simply visit your album on our website, load your preferred package in the cart, then fill the components with the photos of your choice.

3.  YOU CHOOSE THE CROP:  Have you ever ordered photos, only to receive them and wish a different crop had been used?   Ordering online gives you complete control over the final look/crop of your photos.

4. NO MORE LOST OR DAMAGED IMAGES:  When photos are delivered to school they can sometimes become missing when other students pick them up by accident or damaged when books get shoved on top of them in bookbags.  With an online order, items delivered directly to you at home mean incidents of damage or missing items are less likely.

5. YOU CAN'T MESS UP!  We've set up our online ordering system so that each order comes to us to be viewed and approved before production begins.  So don't worry about if you set up proper cropping or photo lineup, we'll review each one and make sure they print correctly.


If you prefer to order directly from us, you may do so by setting up an appointment to visit us in our home office.  Here we will review your photos together and print the items you want before you leave.  To make an appointment, please call 706-971-4725.


If you have any questions, please contact us!