Scott Kuhn Photography/ AGS Pics....Session Tips

We appreciate your willingness to trust Scott Kuhn Photography with your cherished memories.  'Likeable', 'Friendly' and 'Easy to Work With' are descriptions that we have been given and are proud of.  We strive during each and every session to be worthy of these descriptions.  It is our true desire that you go away with a positive view of your experience.   

To ensure that your experience is as positive as it can be, we encourage you to consider the following tips:

1.  Please arrive to your appointment 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time.  This will give the kids some time to stretch after being in the car seat, allow time for any wardrobe changes and give you the chance to talk with the photographer about special requests.

2.  If young children will be participating, we recommend scheduling your session for 30 minutes to an hour after they've had a restful nap.  That way they will be fresh, alert, and ready to say 'cheese'!

3.  The night before the session, talk to your young children about the session so they will arrive expecting to be photographed.  Have them practice saying 'cheese' for your camera phone.

4.  In general, young children often become tired and disinterested in being photographed approximately 15 minutes into a session, therefore, we suggest that any portraits of the children alone be taken first while everything is fresh and new.

5.  To ensure you receive great photos, we limit the number of participants for each session.  If photographing children only, we allow up to three children for a 30 minute mini session, or six children for an hour long session.  If a family is being photographed, we allow up to two children/3 adults for a 30 minute session and four children/6 adults for an hour long session.  If more members need to be photographed, extra time can be booked at a discount at the time the session is reserved.