With Certified Professional Photographer Scott Kuhn

June 6, 13, 20 and 27:  6:30 PM  to 8:30(ish) PM Nightly

If you're already active in the photography business and want to make sure you're taking the best photos, want to explore options to expand your customer base, or need extra pointers for the business side of things, this class is for you!  We'll review the current settings on your camera and explain how they can be changed depending on the environment and type of photo you wish to take, ensuring the camera is doing the work so that the need for filters and post photography enchancing is eliminated or severely minimized.  External lighting and how to ensure proper setup will be discussed, as well as posing, discovering your own niche in photography, and providing the best customer service experience.  We will also go over the business aspect of photography with topics such as running the office, customer communications,legal compliances and great vendor recommendations for papers, inks, printers, plaques, buttons, canvases, high quality prints and more.

If you've considered upgrading your camera. there are businesses that rent out photography equipment and we encourage you to rent the camera you're thinking of purchasing for the duration of the class, as you may discover that your dream camera may not end up being a good fit for what you'd like to do. For the record, we fully support the Canon line and encourage anyone upgrading or without a camera to invest in a Canon. We'll help you learn the best way to use the camera you bring to class and make recommendations for what you should ultimately purchase if that particular camera lacks features you are looking for, or has more features than you need.  A list of agencies providing rental services will be provided to those who reserve.  

Total Cost:  $1000.00  per participant.  Approx 8 hours of total in person instruction in a class setting, as well as a 90 day mentorship following the class (the 90 day mentorship allows you to contact us with additional questions related to what you've learned as you find your path to success).

Reservation  $250.00 non-refundable deposit due upon reservation.  Final amount due by May 30.  

Payment Plan Available

$250 non refundable deposit due upon reservation.  $250.00 payments then due on each of the following dates:  March 30, April 30.  Final payment of  $150.00 Due May 30.



Call 706-971-4725 To Submit Deposit and Confirm Reservation.