The Kuhn Family is very much looking forward to your visit with us this year for a little baking in Mrs. Claus's Kitchen!  For those who have come to our studio to visit Santa in previous years, and for those who had hoped to visit him this year, Santa has sent a message:

"Hello little ones.  I am very much going to miss our chance to visit with one another again this year, but rest assured I and my elves remain busy at the North Pole reading your letters and creating the things that you have on your wish lists.  Be good girls and boys and please remember that if you'd like to leave out a snack, I still enjoy my regular request...one single cookie and just a little bit of milk.  If you'd like to leave anything for the reindeer, carrot chips will do, but please only leave a few.  I'm afraid if they eat too many, they won't feel much like flying!  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to visiting with you again next year."

To follow is a comprehensive list with all of the information you should need to ensure a fun-filled and successful photo session.  If you find you still have questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 706-971-4725.


Your session will last 20-30 minutes.     

One outfit change is allowed at no additional charge but must take place within your current session allotment time.

A maximum of 3 children/participants are permitted per session.

These sessions are open to any age but are best suited for ages 1 year through 8 years.



We will be using Little Debbie Gingerbread Men during our session (self rising or plain flour may also be used.) Though pre-packaged, this food may either contain or have been processed on the same equipment as other foods containing ingredients that could cause allergies, including peanuts, wheat and more.  If anyone in your group has ANY known food allergies that may be associated with flour or cookies, please notify us so we can take extra special cleaning measures before your session.  Those with food allergies are also asked to bring in their own food items to use during their session that you know to be safe for you/your family member.  By booking this session with Scott Kuhn Photography LLC, you agree to take responsibility to safeguard yourself/your family from food allergies and assume all risks related to food allergies.



Please plan appropriate travel time to arrive at our studio. Drive time from Chatsworth is approximately 10 minutes and Dalton (Walnut Square Mall vicinity) is approximately 30 minutes.  We recommend that you make plans to arrive at least 5 minutes before your session.

For better climate control and easier kitchen access for cleaning/sanitizing purposes, sessions are being moved out of the studio and into our home for this year.  Participants will have to climb stairs to access the area.  If anyone in your party cannot climb stairs, please let us know so we can consider other arrangements. You are welcome to park in the driveway, on the street or, provided there have been dry conditions three days prior to the session, in the grass facing the row of cypress trees.  


Basic sessions are $125.00.   If you not paid the $25.00 deposit a balance of $100.00 will be due at time of your session.  (By booking this year you also qualify to book again next year with no deposit needed!). The basic session includes your sitting fee and ten digital downloads. 

A few days after your session, you will receive a message with the address of your online album.  You may then go into the album and select the 10 photos you'd like to have digital download access to. If you want access to more than 10 images, extra downloads will be available at $5.00 each.  If you love them all, you can purchase digital access to the entire album for $75.00.  A purchase of any digital download includes a print release. Digitals will allow for clear, sharp prints up to size 8x10.  Prints from sizes 4x6 up to 13x19 will also be available for purchase from Scott Kuhn Photography.  

Accepted payments are Cash, Check, Venmo and Card (paypal).



YES, we absolutely offer prints!  We have our own, high quality professional photo printer by Canon in-house for the smaller jobs and work with a professional bulk output lab for the bigger jobs.  We use special order luster paper, which is the paper most often utilized by professional labs.   So if you need prints and want something better or larger than you can get from CVS or Walgreens, give us a call.  Pickup is free or a meeting can be arranged in Eton or Chatsworth if your print order totals $25.00 or more.


If you or anyone in your family tests positive for Covid 19 two weeks or less prior to your session we ask that you cancel or reschedule the session.  We also ask that if you have not tested positive for Covid 19 but have had any signs of illness that has been described as a symptom of Covid 19 less than 48 hours prior to the session that you also cancel or reschedule.  Finally, we request that anyone not posing for pictures wear a mask while in our home and use the provided hand sanitizer prior to entering.  We realize some of these percautions can be annoying or inconvienent and appreciate your willingness to help keep our family's environment as safe as possible.  


We will also be taking percautions to make sure that your visit and your children's visit is safe as well.   All cooking utensils and bowls that are touched by clients will be washed and sanitized in a food safe sanitizing bath between sessions.  Shower caps will be available for anyone who would like to wear one under the chef hats.  All food used in the shoot will be unique to each client.....products are purchased from the grocery store and will be opened upon arrival of the client and may be taken home by the client following the shoot (food can also be disposed...please bring your own food that you know to be safe if anyone in your family has food allergies).  The restroom, doorknobs, etc. will be sanitized frequently.


We've found that the most accurate directions can be found by simply typing in 'Scott Kuhn Photography' under google and following the directions given there, however if that doesn't work or is inaccessible, further directions are below.


Using GPS   Type in 244 Muskrat Drive, Chatsworth.  Please be advised that GPS is not always dependable. If you enter the address and it shows you to be very close to the intersection of CCC Camp Rd and Crandall-Ellijay Rd, with the turn to Muskrat actually off of Crandall-Ellijay, it is correct.  If it shows something else, try typing in 'Crandall' for the city rather than Chatsworth.  This actually works for certain GPS systems.


No GPS Travel North on Hwy 411 to Eton red-light.  Turn right onto CCC Camp Rd.   In approximately 3.5 miles, turn left onto Crandall-Ellijay Rd.  After the turn, top the hill and you will see Muskrat Dr. on the right.  Follow the signs and/or balloons to our home studio.

To assist with directions, we will post a picture of Santa with an arrow just before you're to turn onto Crandall-Ellijay Rd, again at your turn onto Muskrat Drive and finally at the driveway leading to the studio.  







We typically shoot in our studio, which is located on the property. However due to this year's unusual circumstances and the need for convienent access to our kitchen for cleaning/sanitizing purposes, we will be shooting inside our living room this year.  



1.   Talk with your child about the upcoming visit with excitement.   Show them the sample photos and let them know about all the great goodies they are going to get to bring home following the shoot.  (All baked goods that are used in your shoot will be sent home with you, by request (we'll also toss them if you'd prefer not to take them.)

2.  Ensure your child is well rested before making the trip to Mrs. Claus's Kitchen.  It's been our observation time and again that children who arrive to sessions and are pulled sleeping from the car need a minimum of ten minutes to truly wake up before they will entertain the idea of posing for photos.  

3.  Along with rest, make sure your child is not hungry.  A small snack that won't get them dirty (such as cheerios) on the way to the shoot can alleviate a situation that may cause them to become restless and irritable.


All children who do well for the portraits will receive a special surprise!


If you must cancel please let us know right away so that we can re-open your appointment time for any last minute requests. Due to the limited availability of sessions and the high demand, we cannot offer refunds of the deposit unless either we or you can find another client to successfully fill the vacancy.


If you have any questions, we can be reached at 706-971-4725.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Mrs. Claus's Kitchen!!!