Santa is very much looking forward to seeing all of his favorite children tomorrow.  To follow is a comprehensive list of all the information we have to ensure you have a fun-filled and successful photo session.  If, after reading it, you find you still have questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 706-971-4725.



Your session and visit with Santa will last approximately 15 minutes



This year's session will take place inside the Historic Wright Hotel, located at 201 E. Market Street in Chatsworth.  Because the time slots are completely sold out,  we must adhere to a schedule so that all patrons who signed up for a visit can be accommodated.  For this reason, we ask that you arrive at least 5-10 minutes before your scheduled start time so that you can enjoy the full experience we intend for you to have.



Standard Santa sessions are $150.00, and the ultimate Santa session is also available for $200.00.   A description of each type of session can be found by visiting www.scottkuhnphotography.com/santa.  All payments are due at time of session.  If you have paid a deposit, you will of course deduct the amount paid from your total.  

Accepted payments are Cash, Check, Venmo and Card (Paypal).  If using a card, please add $5.00 to your total to help offset the 4% convenience fee that the banks charge us.  This also applies to vendor transactions through Venmo, however this fee can be avoided  by marking the Venmo payment as 'friend to friend' rather than a 'goods and services/vendor' transaction.


A few days after your session, you will receive a text message with the link to your online album.  You may then go into the album and download any/all photos you wish by clicking the 'download' button in the upper right hand corner.  You may then have prints created at any establishment you wish.  As many establishments have now become more lenient when it comes to print releases, we no longer offer them automatically, however if you run into a situation where one is needed, give us a call and we will be glad to email or text one to you.  


When the link is sent, you will also be reminded of the prints you will receive as part of the package you selected.  You may then choose which photos you'd like us to print and these photos will be mailed, or, you can opt to pick them up from us.  These options will also be discussed in the text and decisions can be made at that time.



If you or anyone in your family tests has tested positive for Covid 19 two weeks or less prior to your session we ask that you cancel.  We also ask that if you have not tested positive for Covid 19 but have had any signs of illness that has been described as a symptom of Covid 19 less than 48 hours prior to the session that you wear a mask while in the hotel.  Thanks for helping us keep Santa healthy so he can continue to visit with other children during the season!




1.   The best tip we can give is this....step back and let Santa have a few moments!  We have personally witnessed Santa Steve on more than one occasion use his magic to convince very reluctant children to sit smiling on his lap in a short amount of time.  If he's not successful right away, he'll usually come up with alternate strategies.  Mom and Dad, this is one time when you can take it easy and 'most likely' still get great results!

2.  Ensure your child is well rested before making the trip to see Santa  It's been our observation time and again that children who arrive to sessions and are pulled sleeping from the car need a minimum of ten minutes to truly wake up before they will entertain the idea of posing for photos.  

3.  Along with rest, make sure your child is not hungry.  A small snack that won't get them dirty (such as cheerios) on the way to the shoot can alleviate a situation that may cause them to become restless and irritable.



All children who do well for the portraits will receive a special surprise!



If you must cancel please let us know right away so that we can make others aware of the last minute availability. Because reindeer still have to eat,  we cannot offer refunds of the deposit unless either we or you can find another client to successfully fill the vacancy.


If you have any questions, we can be reached at 706-971-4725.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you during your visit with Santa!!!