10:00 am:  Krista Wells (facebook contact)

10:20 am:  Amy Blakenship (confirmed through Scott facebook)

10:40 am:  Brenda Varnell 7062640455 Mason (2) Likes Red (cars, balls, etc)  Bluey and Mickey Mouse (cartoons) non verbal possibly autistic. Venmo

11:00 am:  Amanda Sumney 7062801801 (no deposit) (google voice confired)

11:20 am: 

11:40 am: 

12:00 pm: 

BREAK 12:20 TO 1:00 PM

1:00 pm:  Trish Peeples (no deposit) (google voice confirmed)

1:20 pm:   Kayla Roberts (no deposit) She loves arts/crafts, animals, and gymnastics. She has been talking about wanting an electric scooter and an instrument so she can learn to play…maybe a keyboard to learn piano. (facebook confirmed)

1:40 pm: 

2:00 pm: 

2:20 pm: 

BREAK 2:40 TO 3:00 PM

3:00 pm:  Tiffany Findley (deposit paid) 7706084968 (through scott facebook pay paid deposit, communication thru scott)

3:40 pm: