Standard Session Rates Information


(Standard Senior Session Sample)



Our Standard Rates Apply to the Following Shoots:







Other services, including weddings/vow renewals, corporate and private parties/reunions, commercial/real estate projects, travel photography, or photography tied to schools or sports teams are available under separate offers.  Please send a message to outline your photo needs for these or other projects not listed and we will be happy to provide a custom quote.


Standard Rates:  $250(Jan-Sept)  $275.00 (Oct-Dec)

Inclusions:  45 minutes session

                  Up to 6 People...see 'additional information' for larger groups.

                  Complete digital download capability from your album at our website


Standard Plus Prints:  $325.00 (Jan-Sept)  $350.00 (Oct-Dec).

Available to be purchased prior to or on the day of the session.

Inclusions:   Everything in the Standard Session Package, plus

                   $100.00 print credit at our online store. This gives you an extra $25.00 worth of prints for free.


Additional charge instances:

                    A $25.00 upcharge applies in each of the following instances:

1.  The session takes place outside of Murray County (for limited distances, anything over 30 miles ask for a custom rate.)

 2. A print release whenever your chosen print establishment requires one.

  3.  Location changes.(requiring equipment breakdown/setup/driving to a different location during the same session......$25.00 per location change.)

  4.  Flash Drive:  All photos downloaded to a flashdrive and mailed to your home.

Other Upcharges


                  1. PHOTO MANIPULATIONS:

We do quite a bit of photo work in removing background people, etc in production before passing the photos on to you.  If any additional work is requested once you are able to preview the photos, it is available at the following rates:

                    MINOR CHANGES (Fix stray hair, small amount of acne, similar small changes).  Free for first 5 photos, $5.00 each for extra.

                    MAJOR CHANGES: (Remove background people, wardrobe changes such as changing shirt logo, lengthening skirt, changing color, etc.)  Free for first 3 photos, $15.00 for each extra.

                   2. SUNDAY SESSION:  ADD $50.00 

                  3.  SPECIAL CALENDAR DAYS: ADD $250.00  Includes New Year's Day,  Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween (after 4 pm) or Christmas Eve.

                  4. CHIRSTMAS, THANKSGIVING OR EASTER:  ADD $500.00.



Additional Information:

Outfit Changes:  Free, but time spent changing will tie in to the allotted time for your session.

Extra time:  If you are concerned about time, let us know what you are looking for in your session and we'll let you know if we feel extra time would be needed.  Extra time is typically 50.00 for every extra 15 minutes increment.  Must be scheduled in advance.

More than 6 People?:  When scheduling, please let us know how many are in your group and what individual and group poses you'd like to receive during your session.  We will use this information to help you determine if extra time may need to be added.

Quantity of Photos You should Expect:  Our standard sessions can yield 30-80 photos, however there is no set amount.  The final quantity will depend on how long it takes to set up poses, cooperation level of children and more.  Our policy is to pass on all of the photos from the session to you that turn out great.

Not Sure Where You want the Session To Take Place?  We have many areas we can recommend, based on your theming interest. Options include:  A creek, a waterfall, a mountain overlook, a farm, a lake/barn, an old/abandoned structure, urban looks, city backgrounds, art interests and more.



Terms of Scheduling:

 DEPOSIT:  We require no deposit to reserve a session.   A $50.00 non refundable deposit will be required to reschedule a session that was confirmed then cancelled less than 12 hours prior to the appointment time.  In cases where appointments are confirmed and the client is a no show, rebooks will only be considered if the client advances the amount of a standard session rate plus $100.00 via cash, facebook pay, or venmo when scheduling the session.  This advanced payment is non refundable.

 ARRIVAL:  We ask that you encourage all of your party members to arrive on time, as we often have multiple clients on the same day.  In instances of late arrivals where we must keep a schedule, we will continue to offer photography within your allotted time, but will be unable to extend the session, and, discounts will not be offered if late arrivals result in a shorter session.   

CANCELLATIONS:  No cancellation fee if cancelled 48 hours or more prior to the session. While we do not require a session deposit, please understand that appointments mean blocking off time other clients would like to have as well, which sometimes results in them seeking out the service of other photographers. Therefore, if you need to cancel but wish to use us in the future, please cancel as soon as possible, but no less that 48 hours prior to the session,  so that we can let other clients know the time is once again available and hopefully avoid losing revenue that day. 

WEATHER:  We will keep a check on the weather and make rescheduling decisions if we see any instances of cold or rainy conditions that may impact your session.  We do not impose any type of cancellation fees if we agree that the weather was not ideal.

To request a session, please call 706-971-4725 or send an email  [email protected].  In your message please describe the type of session you are looking for, number of participants, desired location and a time/date frame in which you are interested in scheduling. We will then check our calendar and get back to you with availability.  If you need assistance with selecting a location, just ask! We have several recommendations.